My Office

I work in an old farmhouse, modified for software development purposes at Whitley in West Yorkshire. This is my desk:

The current dev machine is a 3.6GHz Quad core Haswell with 16G of RAM and an NVidia GTX 760 so I can have up to four displays (six with a DisplayPort splitter box), though I only use three. The main (middle) display is an HP 24 inch 1920x1200 IPS, with two additional 20" 1600x1200 HP IPS LCDs, the left one being rotated into portrait mode for working with long log files. The OS is 64 bit Windows 10.

The keyboard is a Microsoft Natural 4000 (wireless so I can put it in my lap for long typing sessions). I go through these like crazy because Microsoft are too cheap to engrave the characters onto the keys (they're printed), so they wear off inside a couple of years, and I'm not a touch-typist. As a sales driver, this is highly effective. For customer satisfaction, less of a success. The mouse is an old MS Comfort 3000 that I had spare at home. At home I use a Logitech G5 gaming mouse, which is a far superior piece of kit.

Since taking this picture, I have upgraded this machine with a Samsung Evo pro 256GB SSD and a Microsoft Sculpt wireless keyboard. I tried a mechanical keyboard at home (CoolerMaster storm trigger), but couldn't get on with it at all.


Yes, that weird little thing just to left of my mug is indeed a speedloader, a relic of my shooting days. I used to own a Smith and Wesson model 686 .357 magnum, though I mostly put .38 wadcutter handloads through it to save money. Handguns like this are illegal now in the UK.

The shells kept in it are some of those (expended) .38 handloads. I use it as a "think-toy" now: when I need to think, it keeps my hands busy.

For the record: single-action, I am superb. Double-action, I couldn't hit the barn wall the target is hanging on.

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