Native Code

Cool stuff for propeller-heads like us : here are some code fragments and tips, based on some of the most frequently-asked questions on the Microsoft public newsgroups. Just scroll to the section you're interested in, then click the question to access the individual tip page. Some code-based tips are downloadable and the source code files are in ZIP format for speed. Go to the Utilities page to get a suitable unzipper program.

Processes Threads and Files
How do I process through all of a directory tree, including the subdirectories ?
How do I extract the version of an EXE, DLL etc ?
How do I ensure that only one instance of my program runs ?
What are the pros and cons of the different Inter-Process Communications methods ?
Given a PID, how do I find the name of the process executable ?
How do I delete a directory tree that isn't empty ?
How do I get started working with threads ?
I start another app and try to wait synchronously on its process handle, but both processes hang. Why?
How do I get the name of the EXE associated with a given window?
How do I run another program from my program ?
I can't make CreateProcess launch my process or handle its parameters. Why ?
How do I determine the full path to my own executable file at run-time ?
How do I start another process and wait for it to complete before continuing ?

Interacting with the Shell
How do I put an icon in the system tray (a.k.a the notification area) ?
How do I find the default web browser application name ?
How do I stop my application appearing on the taskbar ?
Why doesn't my context menu dismiss properly when I click elsewhere ?
How do I start, detect and stop screen savers ?
How do I get the handle of the taskbar ?
How do I get back the OLD SetForegroundWindow behaviour ?
My app leaves a phantom gray button on the taskbar when it exits. Why?
SHFileOperation gives file system error 1026. Why ?
My app sometimes crashes when the user clicks on a tree control. Why ?
How do I hide the contents of the desktop ?
How do I programmatically dismiss a menu ?
How do I find out which edge the Windows Taskbar is on ?
How do I open SHBrowseForFolder at a pre-determined location ?
How do I add a manifest to a VC6 application?

Dialogs and Controls
Why don't all my controls appear in the VC6 ClassWizard?
How do I draw a bitmap in the background of a dialog ?
Why doesn't my combo box dropdown appear when I click the down arrow ?
How do I create one of those neat-o expanding dialogs ?
How do I change the colour or background of static text items on a dialog ?
My dialog closes when the user hits the Enter/Return or Esc key. Why ?
How do I change the background colour of an edit field on a dialog ?
How do I create controls on the fly ?
My application sometimes hangs when I hit an accelerator key. Why ?
How do I put a clickable URL in a dialog ?
How do I change the font(s) in an MFC application dialog ?
Why do my tree control icons lose transparency?

Microsoft Foundation Classes
I've added a menu to my dialog. Why don't the UPDATE_COMMAND_UI handlers get called ?
How do I make an invisible MFC dialog-based application ?
How do I change the displayed icon of my MFC app on the fly ?
I've disabled a menu item on my MFC program using EnableMenuItem, but it won't go gray. Why ?
What's the best way to send myself a message in MFC ?
How do I Create >16 Colour Toolbars?
Why does the MFC CString::Tokenize method ignore blank fields?
Cannot access private member declared in class 'CObject'... WTF?

Users Groups and the Registry
How do I put new entries in the registry ?
How do I grab the users password under NT ?
How do I determine if a given user is in a given group ?

Compiler/Dev Environment Issues
I keep getting "undeclared identifier" compilation failures, even though I've included all necessary headers as far as I can see. Why ?
My app works in debug build, but crashes in release. What's the difference between the two ?
Why won't the compiler let me use a class member function as a callback ?
What do I need to compile a 16 bit DOS or Windows 3.x program ?
Why does Visual Studio 2010 give me error RC1106 ?

Miscellaneous Win32
Why doesn't my system wide hook capture all processes ?
How do I let the user drag a window which has no titlebar ?
Is there a way to direct stdout to my application window ?
How do I make a window "Topmost" ?
How do I find out which version of NT (server/workstation) I'm running on ?
How do I find the default web browser application name ?
How do I find the current IP address(es) of my machine ?
I've created a 16x16 icon for my app. Why does Windows insist on squishing up the 32x32 version ?
How do I allow the user to cancel a time-consuming operation ?
How do I stop the user resizing my window ?
How do I programmatically dismiss a menu ?
How do I constrain window resizing to always be square ?
How do I find out the drive letters in use on a given system ?
When I use a big (> 1MB) automatic-declared array my app crashes. Why ?
How do I determine that another machine is present on the network?
How do I make accurate timings under Win32?
How do I grab events for all applications? An example system-wide hook.
How do I enumerate the drives on my hosting machine ?
How do I determine if the user can see my window ?
Why does QueryPerformanceFrequency fail with error 998 ?

General Programming
How can I get debug information from my program in the field ?
What is "Hungarian" notation ?  
I want to be a superstar Win32 programmer, Bob. Which books should I read ?

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