Everything you read here is my opinion and my opinion only. It does not reflect the views of my employer, my family, Microsoft, the MVP program administration, the president of Botswana or his cat. You may find these pieces silly, offensive or whatever you like, it's... oh well, I was about to say "it's a free country", but that's obviously not true. 

I do not comment on politics or religion for the same reason that I don't comment on macrame or deep sea fishing : I know nothing about them and care even less. But think about this: every time I see someone in the media talking about the computer industry, they're invariably talking rubbish. Now ask yourself - "if journalists talk rubbish about this stuff that I do know about, then why do I trust them when they're discussing things I don't know about ?"

If you disagree with anything here, don't email me. I have no time. Start your own website : God knows, the world needs more of those, right ?

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