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I don't get my picture taken very often, so there tends to be a long span between these shots.

Picture taken in my room at university, 1979, possibly by Rachel, or Caroline, or maybe even Mike Scott, can't remember. Note the waistcoat worn with jeans. This was the seventies, after all. Note also that I did not have the poster of the tennis playing girl scratching her bum. But everybody else in the house did...

Salford University TSA office, 1980. I've just come back from a job interview, hence the suit and ridiculously large tie. The guitar player is Iolo Beb Jones, professional welshman, Alan Davies clone and inexplicably successful with the laydeez.

With my old mate Allan Brown, graduation day, 1980. He was head of TSA while I was head of ENTS in the university union. Allan works for Motorola in the states, last I heard.

Paris, 1984. Went there to work at Aerospatiale for a few days, on the Exocet missile control interface. Picture taken by an old drummer workmate of mine, Kevin "bloater" Mee. I know this must be 84 because we saw Terminator in a cinema on the Champs Elysee (killing time before the flight), and that's the year Terminator came out.

In the garden at Cheam Close, Bracknell, circa 84. I think I'm leaning on my old Selmer classical guitar. I was doing three martial arts classes a week back then, including a high-grade class on Sundays, so I was insanely fit. Wish I was even a tenth as fit now. Picture probably by Allan Brown.

Back when archery was my obsession, circa 1990. I shot for about 8 years, until  the gradual failure of my left shoulder forced me out of contention. I can't even do a press-up on it now. Gods, I was so *thin* then. I was so attached to that bow, I didn't sell it until 2004.

For the technically interested, the bow is a Portland 2000 66", with 42 pound draw weight (none carbon) limbs, though I only held 38 on my fingers because my arrows were short. The sight is a crappy Arten Olympic, later replaced with an excellent Killian Chek-it. The arrows are Beman Diva 16, if memory serves, later replaced with Easton ACEs for their greater durability at short range. I qualified first-class the year before I left this particular club (Bowmen of Adel).

Not me: though I am present, standing to the camerman's left. This is my mother being introduced to John Major, UK Prime Minister at the time, in the garden at 10 Downing street.

At the top of the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain, 1996. I went to work on a control centre there and took time out to visit the palace, twice. It's fantastic, if you're into moorish art. Very, very cool. If you look closely you can see the feet of the person I talked into photographing me, in those ridiculous mirror shades. Note the ominous weight gain.

The PNC3 (NT4 version) development team, circa 1998. I'm the only male not wearing a tie made out of someone's curtains. Jeez, I look smug.

Only two of the people in this photo still work for Tunstall. Even Paul (the documentation contractor at the L.H. end) refuses to work for them any more. It's not the company per se, it's the current management.

Office attire, 2002-2003. It can't be later than the middle of 2003, because that's when I stopped wearing my grandad glasses. I don't wear a tie to work anymore. If they can't be bothered to respect me, I can't be bothered to respect them... and the current management don't respect anybody. That would require them to treat us as something other than five-year-olds, and God forbid that should happen.

Late 2003. I think this was taken to try out a new digital camera. Or possibly to celebrate buying a new shirt. I have a thing about shirts. No, seriously.

Autumn 2008, at a meeting in Madrid between the Tunstall UK development team and the Spanish development team. Becoming quite the porker now :-(

November 2012. All that work-related stress starting to show its effects.

I really need to get some golfing pictures taken, since that's mostly what I do now.